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Logging Support Tickets

When logging a ticket please follow the below outline:

Category - What the issue is about
Building - Where the issue resides
Room - The room where the issue resides
Subject - A brief description of what the ticket is about (Not the teaching subject)
Message - Details of the actual issue. Please provide as much information as you can including error messages.

If any of the above information is missing, it will take us longer to resolve the issue.


New Students and/or password resets

If you are requesting student logon details you can find usernames by looking up the student in XUNO.  If the student is not in XUNO and not on your roll their enrollment was not completed by the end of yesterday.  Feel free to check with the administration enrollments officer, or try again tomorrow.

If you have a student that has forgotten their password you can reset it yourself from any computer you are logged onto by using the Student Password Reset tool.
Please do not send the student up to the techroom for such requests.


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